The Core Team

The D61+ Platform is led by:

Data61 researchers currently engaged in the project include:

The Data61 team work in close collaboration with our industry partner Agile Digital who have built Expert Connect and the Innovation Challenges marketplace.

Our Partners

The D61+ Platform suite has been developed in collaboration with over 50 partners from across industry, research and government. Critical to the success of the platform, our partners have:

  • Provided access to data
  • Advised on platform functionality
  • Promoted the platform to their networks
  • Made use of the platform APIs to display their own researcher and/or innovation challenge directories
  • Indicated their interest in undertaking research that makes use of the platform data

Our Foundation Partners

The organisations who have provided the initial data for the Expert Connect profiles, and/or played a key role in helping shape the development of the platform – are:

New Partners

New partners are being added continuously in Australia and overseas (to support the global deployment of Expert Connect). If you or your organisation is interested in collaborating, please contact us.