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Charlotte Birkmanis

University of Western Australia


Charlotte is a marine ecologist with an interest in shark and predator behaviour, conservation and science outreach. Currently a PhD candidate researching where sharks are and why they are there, Charlotte previously attained a First Class Honours in Marine Biology for her research on shark and ray vertebral biomechanics, complementing an Applied Science degree majoring in Ecology (awarded with distinction) and an Arts degree in Mandarin Chinese. Charlotte’s research combines her passion for sharks and previous experience as a consultant marine ecologist in Australia, the Pacific Region and Asia to highlight the importance of predators in our oceans.

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Sebuah konferensi besar di Australia sukses diadakan tanpa gunakan plastik. Ini tips dari penyelenggaranya

Apa yang kita gunakan sebelum produk plastik sekali pakai masuk ke dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari? Sebelum tahun 1980-an, kantong plastik masih jarang ditemukan di supermarket. Namun pada tahun 2019, penggunaannya tidak hanya dianggap biasa, tetapi juga diperlukan untuk mempertahankan gaya hidup kita. Mulai dari wadah makanan, kemasan untuk produk di supermarket, hingga pembungkus barang dengan murah dan berkualitas rendah, plastik dibutuhkan dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Namun, seiring berjalannya waktu,...

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We organised a conference for 570 people without using plastic. Here's how it went

What did we use before single-use plastics became ingrained in our everyday lives? Before the 1980s, plastic bags were a rarity in our supermarkets. In 2019, excessive plastic use feels not just normal, but necessary to sustain our hectic lifestyles. From takeaway containers and supermarket packaging to cheap, low-quality goods, plastic permeates our daily lives. However, with every passing year the scale tips further against the immediate convenience of single-use plastics, and towards the extreme inconvenience of piles...

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