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Dr Markus Wagner

The University of Adelaide


I am a passionate problem solver, I am looking for challenges, and I am not familiar with the term "I can't".

Specialties: • Optimisation: problem analysis, development of suitable (multi-objective) optimisation algorithms, team coordination, and process documentation (since 2006) • Applications: renewable energy production (wave energy and wind energy), search-based software engineering, and professional team cycling (since 2010), now also getting into mining (ore tracking and blending, since 2017) • Extensive working experience with team members from a wide range of cultural backgrounds

Through my professional activities (over 100 papers with over 100 co-authors) and my volunteering activities (IEEE CIS, AIESEC) I am well connected.

Professional website at the University of Adelaide: GoogleScholar: Publications:

Government Grants: 1

Concluding December 31, 2018

Project DE160100850

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