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Mary Debrett

La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, Monash University

Mary Debrett has a professional background in television and video production having worked in broadcasting and the independent sector as a researcher and documentary-maker. Mary’s academic research interests include the media and the public sphere, documentary theory, broadcasting policy, public service broadcasting in the digital era and media coverage of climate change. Her monograph, Reinventing Public Service Television for the Digital Future, was published in July 2010.

Media Articles: 3

Spinning ‘green tape’ as the climate changes

With only inverted commas signalling the spin, the news media have happily re-cycled the term "green tape", the latest rhetorical gambit by those decrying environmental protections as unnecessarily delaying development. It’s a term...

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Rinehart’s media ambitions: bad news for coverage of climate change

News that Gina Rinehart has reportedly attained a 12.8% stake in Fairfax Media (and is seeking just under 15%) is bad for the Australian media environment: it potentially puts yet another billionaire in a position to influence what gets published as "news" in this country, and more importantly what doesn’t. What's more, it is very, very bad for media coverage of climate change and the physical environment...

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Improving climate change reportage – a must for the media enquiry

When announcing the media enquiry in September this year, Senator Conroy committed to regulatory processes that support "a healthy and independent media that is able to fulfill its essential democratic purpose, and to operate in the public interest". The News of The World phone hacking scandal in the UK seems to underlie the timing of this enquiry. But the media’s...

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Academic Publications: 23

January 1, 2011

Reporting Climate Change: An Australian Perspective

January 1, 2010

Reinventing public service television for the digital future

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