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Dr Rebecca Hinton

Partnership Programs Manager
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO


Rebecca Hinton is Executive Manager of IC Global at CSIRO

After obtaining a Doctorate in Immunology from the Australian National University, she left academia to help champion improved knowledge transfer in academia with the intention of improving funding options for researchers. Initially working at IP Australia to help researchers commercialise their work, she is highly experienced in the field of Australian industry-research collaboration, advising on various national strategies and contributing scalable solutions in the form of digital platforms. Whilst at IP Australia she managed and delivered the development of Source IP, a platform designed to help showcase the intellectual property generated by Australian research organisations to interested businesses. She currently manages the development of a suite of technology platforms which include the award-winning Expert Connect, an automatically generated Australian directory of research expertise used to help facilitate business-research engagement.

Rebecca is a passionate supporter of diversity in the workplace and has previously contributed to programs aimed at promoting the leadership aspirations of women and in general inspiring women to achieve their fullest potential. She co-founded the IP Australia Inspire Network and has recently worked on the development of FindHer, a feature inside Expert Connect which can be used to source only female experts.