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Dr Timothy Stanley

The University of Newcastle, University of Newcastle


Timothy Stanley is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He teaches and researches philosophy of religion and the history of ideas.

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A moral world in which bad things happen to good people

On All Saints Day in 1755 the earth quaked beneath the city of Lisbon. Crowds rushed to open spaces near the sea only to be engulfed by a tsunami. The philosopher Voltaire lamented the tragedy in his Poem on the Lisbon Disaster. In his view, the scale of human suffering overwhelmed any defense of God. The force of Voltaire’s critique arose directly from the mechanistic understanding of the physical world that he shared with many...

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Concluding December 1, 2019

Religious Print after the Enlightenment

Concluding December 1, 2013

Religion in Political Life

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