Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘relevance score’?

Search engines work by finding the best matching results and presenting them to the user, highlighting the best matches first. This ordering is based on something called a “relevance score”, which in Expert Connect is the degree of matches to the query words. 

Expert Connect is a data driven approach to finding experts, highlighting individuals based on evidence drawn from wide variety of sources such as names and abstracts related to Australian Research Council grants, Australian National Medical and Health Research Council grants, patents from Source IP, profiles and publications from the CSIRO, publications from Web of Science (through Clarivate), and profiles and articles from The Conversation.

In the current Beta release, our ranking is optimised to connect industry partners to researchers. In future versions, we hope that Expert Connect can be tailored for other purposes, such as helping students find relevant advisors or to help media find researchers to give expert opinions. In the future the platform will also take location into account when providing the most relevant results.

What is an ‘Expert’?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an expert is “a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”.

The experts featured on Expert Connect are a collection of exceptionally learned individuals sourced from the most prestigious institutes in Australia. The data sources incorporated for this beta version may skew this cohort towards the ‘hard’ and technical sciences. We are in the process of adding more data to ensure that Expert Connect will increasingly reflect a true consortium of Australia’s brightest experts and scholars across multiple disciplines.

How can I use Expert Connect?

Simply type in a query that represents your business or industry need. What do you need an expert in? Expert Connect will suggest different research and development staff across multiple institutions that have some expertise in your technical area of interest.

If you want to you can use phrase delimiters. For example, search for “Adrian Turner” or “confidential computing”. If you don’t use phrase delimiters, Expert Connect will look for profiles mentioning as many of your query words as possible.

What does ‘verified’ mean in relation to a profile listing?

We have drawn the data in Expert Connect from a number of sources to establish individual profiles. The experts associated with these profiles have the option of accessing their profile through authenticated login to ‘verify’ the information contained and edit components including their listed organisation, their profile picture and the brief abstract associated with their listing.

A ‘verified’ profile can be expected to have a higher degree of confidence associated with it.

For Experts

How can I improve my relevance rating?

To understand how the relevance rating is calculated please refer to What is a ‘relevance score’?

The first thing you can do to build your profile on Expert Connect is to verify the information associated with your profile and update your preferences and contact details.

In relation to the data sources that the current platform draws upon, we understand that patents, grants and scientific publications involve lengthy processes. Therefore the quickest way to influence your ranking on Expert Connect is to create a profile with The Conversation and become a contributing author.

FEATURED EXPERTS: We are aware that many researchers are keen to interact with industry but are new to the process or have been met with boundaries and thus have little historical data to draw upon to signal their intent, resulting in a poor relevance rating. To address this issue we have introduced the concept of a ‘Featured Expert’ to our platform, to help showcase and unearth experts who demonstrate a strong desire to collaborate. If you’d like to appear in the future as a ‘Featured Expert’, please contact us.

I don’t appear on Expert Connect.

The data sources used to populate the beta release of Expert Connect are likely to support the display of experts belonging to the ‘hard’ and technical sciences. In the near future data will be collected directly from research organisations across Australia to build the directory and improve the breadth of research expertise which is showcased.

If you have relevant feedback relating to the data sources used, please contact us.

I appear on Expert Connect but my profile information is inaccurate.

The data populating Expert Connect has been drawn from primary databases and harmonised to represent individuals. We expect some inaccuracies relating to the organisation at which experts have been identified and some instances of incomplete data.

As more data is incorporated we hope that we can improve upon the accuracy of expert profiles. However, if you believe that your profile currently contains inaccuracies, please contact us.

I don’t want to be contacted through Expert Connect.

We have not collected or published the contact details of any individual featured on Expert Connect and will not do so without express permission. Currently the ‘Contact Me’ button has been redirected to the research office or administrative office of the research organisation at which an expert is displayed. The contact details can be edited through authenticated login.

For Business

I can’t express what I’m looking for and the search bar isn’t producing results.

The search in Expert Connect has been designed for people who have some idea of what they’re looking for. As time progresses we intend for the search to draw upon previous queries to recognise simpler requests and provide more helpful results.

If you’re looking for some additional assistance or inspiration we have included other resources which might prove helpful, including links to services designed to help connect businesses to Australian research.

I tried to contact an Expert but was redirected to a general email address.

We have not collected or published the contact details of any individual featured on Expert Connect and will not do so without express permission. Currently the ‘Contact Me’ button has been redirected to the research office or administrative office of the research organisation at which an expert is displayed. An expert can choose to edit their contact details to reflect a personal email address, however this may not be recommended by the organisation with which they are associated.