The D61+ Platform suite is a collaborative effort, with our agile development methodology enabling us to stay responsive to feedback. There are five key ways to get involved:

Data Provider 

We are always looking for new data sets we can utilise, including:

  1. Signals of expertise – data that will help with creating more accurate and complete expert profiles
  2. Innovation challenges – to ensure they are all discoverable in a single place
  3. Innovation data – so it can be visualised on the InnovationMap

Functionality Advisor

Have something in mind that you want the platform do to? We want to hear from you!


We can always do with more help to get the word out about the platform. The team are interested in opportunities to present to relevant audiences, and to provide materials you can distribute to your networks.

API User/Republisher

In line with open innovation principles, we want as many people as possible to take and use the expert and challenge data. Our open API is free and allows you to create your own expert directory (showing either the full list, or a subset relevant to your industry/location) or challenge directory. You can register here to get access to the API.

Research Contributor

Are you looking to undertake research that could make use of the D61+ platform data? Or are you working in the field of entity resolution, information retrieval or natural language processing (especially computational linguistics) and would be interested in collaborating with us to improve the functionality of our platforms? We want to hear from you