The D61+ Platform suite provides the following benefits to government:

  • Boosting industry-researcher collaboration. The platform directly contributes to a core government strategy objective: boosting industry-researcher collaboration. Long recommended in government reports, Expert Connect now provides a single entry point for finding and connecting with Australian research expertise. Anyone can search for a topic of interest using simple, non-scientific language, and find the most relevant researcher(s) to connect with. As a collaborative effort involving multiple federal and state departments, the platform is well placed to continue incorporating additional functionality in support of government objectives.
  • Promote your innovation challengesThere are multiple government innovation challenge programs, the Innovation Challenges marketplace is designed to bring them into the one place. Challenges listed on the platform are automatically flagged with the relevant experts most likely to have a viable solution.
  • Increased understanding of the innovation ecosystem. InnovationMap is an interactive, geographic visualisation of innovation related data. Built on the Data61 Terria platform, InnovationMap allows users to overlay multiple datasets (including any data from data.gov.au) to build up a rich picture of a particular region and observe how it changes over time. It will soon be possible to also visualise Australia’s research capability geographically. Government can use the platform to make their own data discoverable, as well as gain insights that can inform policy.
  • Supporting policy priorities. By considering industry nous as well as academic expertise in determining search results, Expert Connect is promoting a more holistic view of the value researchers create (helping to broaden the focus away from just 5-star journal publications). In future, Expert Connect will also allow users to automatically filter search results by gender, helping make female researchers more easily discoverable without increasing the burden of profile maintenance.

Getting the most from the D61+ Platform Suite

The D61+ Platform suite has been designed to support the government objective of boosting industry-researcher linkages. Collaborating with stakeholders on its development is thus key to its success. There are four ways government (at state and federal level) can get involved:

  1. Join our testing group and have input. We are continually enhancing the platform to ensure it is meeting stakeholder needs. Please get in touch if you’d like to join our testing group and help guide future development.
  2. Share your data. We are always looking for additional data to enhance expert profiles and add further value to the InnovationMap. Please get in touch with any suggestions for additional data we can incorporate.
  3. Post your innovation challenge. To ensure your innovation challenge is seen by the right people, simply get in touch with the details. We’ll list it on the Innovation Challenges marketplace and make sure it is flagged with the relevant experts.
  4. Engage your colleagues and networks. Share the information on this website with your colleagues and networks, and/or book in a presentation from the Data61 team.