The D61+ Platform suite provides the following benefits to industry and connectors:

  • Find the right expertise. Expert Connect brings over 60,000 researchers (from over 220 Australian research institution) into a single searchable list. Anyone can search for a topic of interest using simple, non-scientific language, and find the most relevant researcher(s) to connect with. The platform considers both academic expertise and industry nous, presenting users with a list of relevant experts that are most likely to understand their business context.
  • Get your challenge solved. Rather than needing to know the expertise required, details of the problem can be posted in the Innovation Challenges marketplace. Challenges listed on the platform are automatically flagged with the relevant experts most likely to have a viable solution.
  • Find challenges that need solving. The Innovation Challenges marketplace is publicly viewable, with industry well placed to offer a viable solution for many of the challenges listed. To be notified of new challenges as they are listed, please get in touch.
  • Draw on our open innovation platform. All Expert Connect and Innovation Challenges data is available via open API, allowing any organisation to include the full directory of experts (or a subset of it) or innovation challenges on their own platform. In line with open innovation principles, our API is open and free to use. You can register here to get access to the API.

Getting the most from the D61+ Platform Suite

The D61+ Platform suite has been designed to support industry-researcher linkages. Collaborating with industry on its development is thus key to its success. There are four ways industry and connectors can get involved:

  1. Join our testing group and have input. We are continually enhancing the platform to ensure it is meeting stakeholder needs. Please get in touch if you’d like to join our testing group and help guide future development.
  2. Utilise our data. While we have our own plans for the platform, we also want to see other directories drawing on the Expert Connect and Innovation Challenges data. We encourage you to showcase Australia’s research expertise (or a subset of it) and/or innovation challenges on your own platform. In line with our open innovation principles, our API is free and open to use. You can register here to get access to the API.
  3. Engage your colleagues and networks. Share the information on this website with your colleagues and networks, and/or book in a presentation from the Data61 team.
  4. Post your innovation challenge. Use our Innovation Challenges marketplace when your problem is clear, but the solution isn’t –or if you’d like to see a broader range of possible solutions. Simply get in touch with the details of the challenge and we’ll make sure it is flagged with the relevant experts.