The D61+ Platform suite provides the following benefits to research institutions:

  • Showcase and promote your research expertise. Expert Connect helps to showcase the research expertise in your institution, opening up new connection opportunities with industry. All Expert Connect data is available via open API, allowing any organisation to include the full directory of experts (or a subset of it) on their own platform, thereby maximising the opportunities for researchers to be found.
  • Get notified of relevant opportunities for your researchers. If people don’t know what research expertise they need, they can instead post details of their challenge in the Innovation Challenges marketplace. Challenges listed on the platform are automatically flagged with the relevant experts and/or the nominated institution contact point (typically the TTO or Business Development area).
  • Reduced profile maintenance burden on researchers. While there are steps researchers can take to boost where they appear in the search results, no manual intervention is required to keep profiles updated. Any new journal publications, patents, grants etc. will automatically be added to the relevant profile. You can then take this profile data (via open API) to make use of it on your own platforms.
  • Streamline your reporting to government on end user engagement. End user engagement activities can be automatically captured and recorded against the expert's profile, with researchers able to manually add to this data anything that may have been missed. Research institutions can draw on this data to assist with government reporting requirements.

Getting the most from the D61+ Platform Suite

Expert Connect helps showcase the research expertise in your institution, opening up new connection opportunities with industry. There are four ways to ensure you’re getting the most from the platform:  

  1. Join our testing group and have input. We are continually enhancing the platform to ensure it is meeting stakeholder needs. Please get in touch if you’d like to join our testing group and help guide future development.
  2. Sign up as a partner. Signing up and giving Expert Connect access to your researchers’ profile data will help ensure your researchers rank highly in searches.
  3. Utilise our data. Make use of the Expert Connect API to visualise your research capability, or to support your research. In line with open innovation principles, our API is open and free to use. You can register here to get access to the API.
  4. Engage your researchers. Share this website with your researchers, ask them to verify their profile on Expert Connect, and/or book in a presentation from the Data61 team.